AI Writing Tool For 1-Click SEO-optimized Articles, Blog Posts & Affiliate Content.

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I’m going to tell you about an amazing state-of-the-art AI Writing Software, specifically designed for bloggers and affiliate marketers. It helps your crank out compelling, engaging content effortlessly. But first let’s talk about why compelling and egaging content is so important.

We all know writing compelling, thoughtful & engaging content is the key to succeeding online. For instance if you have a blog writing compelling and engaging content captivates users, significantly increasing the time they spend on your site. Thereby enhancing user engagement and fostering a deeper connection with your brand.

Now only that but you get the double benefit of boosting SEO. Engaging content plays a crucial role in SEO by keeping visitors on your site longer, reducing bounce rates, and encouraging them to interact with your content through likes, shares, and comments.

These user engagement metrics signal to search engines especially Google that your website provides valuable and relevant information, which will skyrocket your rankings.

Moreover, compelling content is more likely to earn backlinks from other reputable sites, a key factor in search engine algorithms, further enhancing your SEO performance and visibility in search results.

Of course this isn’t new information. I’m sure most of you that have been around the SEO and blogging world for some time already knew this. Knowing it and being able to implement it though are two different things.

In the past you needed either a large budget to pay people to write quality articles for you. And quality articles usually ran at least $10 an article. Or you needed a lot of time to research and write the articles yourself.

And to get any traction from search engines in most cases you are going to need at least 50 articles on a topic. So that’s at least 500 dollars or a whole lot of man hours for articles that might not get any traction. Not exactly a great choice.

Well now things have just gotten a whole lot easier and cheaper. I’m sure most of you know by now there are AI tools out there that can help you write these articles. But some tools are better than others.

I’ve tried a lot of different AI writing tools and I’m going to tell you about the best one I’ve found. It’s called

Now the first thing a great AI writing tool need to do is able to produce great content. After all that’s our main objective. The quality from is simply amazing.

Not only does produce great content but it gives it to you in an engaging format which will keep visitors on your site. How so? You see these articles come with nice youtube videos, images, tables, charts, nice formatting, etc that helps with visual appeal. This is something missing from many AI writing tools.

Also if you have a WordPress website the news get even better. No need to go through the manual process of trying to copying 10, 20, 50 or a 100 articles one at a time from the tool to your website. As you can imagine that’s a very long, painful process. Not only that but it will break the articles formatting and you’ll end up spending days trying to fix it. comes with a WordPress plugin and in literally one click you publish 100 articles to your website at time. No manual copy and paste and broke formatting. How nice is that? Real nice.

Not only that but you schedule when the articles will be published as well. I also like how you can determine the length of your articles.

The other thing I like about this tool is they have something called Roadmap. This simply show a time frame of what features have been added, what’s currently in progress and what’s planned for the future.

Anyone is free to put in a feature request as well. It’s on their homepage in top right corner if you are interested in seeing it. As you can imagine with its name their are a lot of SEO features. Which by the way is one of my things that separate this tool from generic chatbots. This tool was designed with SEO workers, bloggers and affiliate marketers in mind.

I’m sure some are thinking will AI content get my site slapped by search engines. I think that comes down to how you use the tool. If you use the tool to simply regurgitate what’s out there yes that is a real possibility.

So here is what I would do instead. I would look at the top 10 results in Google and yes read them. Get an understanding of what they are about. Then I would use the tool to write not just different worded articles saying the same thing but write from a unique perspective. Because yes with the tool the wording will be different but even with different wording if you are just regurgitating the same information then that’s not the way to go in my opinion. In short keep in mind for information you think the visitor want or would be interested in and then stop and THINK about how you can provided valuable information without just repeating what everybody else said.

So then would you be safe? Well I don’t work at Google or any of the search engines so take this with a grain of salt but from what I’ve seen and my guess I would say you would be. Why? Because ultimately Google and search engines want UNIQUE content that’s compelling and engaging that satisfy the visitor and if you use the tool like I mentioned above you will be providing exactly that.

But the good news doesn’t end there. This is the best AI writing tool on the market imo. But it’s priced at a fraction of what many inferior AI writing tools are charging. Now only that but I have spoken to the owner and if you buy through my link below and use coupom code Sean25 you will get an additional 25% off an already VERY generous price of $19 a month.

Just click here: and use coupon code of Sean25 and get 25% off of the already low price of $19.month. I truly believe with this tools you guys will see some amazing results.

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