E-farming by Igor Kheifets Review? What Exactly Is It?

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In this piece, we’ll be evaluating E-Farming, a concept presented by Igor Kheifets, the mind behind List Building Lifestyle. Kheifets touts e-farming as “the most exhilarating venture of the decade.”

The 30-Day E-Farming Challenge, one of his courses, promises to equip you with the knowledge to kick-start a profitable e-farming venture with the end goal of an early retirement.

e-farming by igor kheifets
e-farming by igor kheifets

What exactly is e-farming?

Can one genuinely make passive income with e-farming, or is it just a sham?

We will aim to answer these questions in this comprehensive E-Farming review!

Table of Contents:

  • Definition of E-Farming
  • A closer look at Igor Kheifets
  • An in-depth look at the 30-Day E-Farming Challenge
  • Frequently Asked Questions about E-Farming
  • A final judgment on E-Farming – Is it truly worthwhile?

E-Farming, interchangeably used with email farming, is the process of curating a list of individuals who consent to receive emails about potentially interesting products and services from you. The endgame is to suggest beneficial products via affiliate links and earn revenue when someone makes a purchase using these links.

The term “e-farming” was introduced by Igor Kheifets, who argues that creating an email list is a straightforward and lucrative endeavor for anyone, irrespective of their prior experience. At first glance, e-farming might appear as a distinctive concept. Still, in reality, it’s just a different term for email marketing, a strategy practiced by celebrities and politicians alike, though they may not recognize it as “e-farming”.

Who is the person behind it, Igor Kheifets?

Igor Kheifets from E-farming
Igor Kheifets

Igor Kheifets is an esteemed internet marketer acclaimed for his proficiency in email marketing and list-building techniques. He’s devised numerous courses, such as the 301K Challenge, Elite Affiliate Pro, and Elite Traffic Pro 2.0, all aimed at guiding others towards similar heights of success. These courses offer the necessary tools and strategies to establish a flourishing online business, mainly revolving around email marketing, list building, and traffic generation.

Offered at $997, the 30-Day E-Farming Challenge is one of Kheifets’s many courses. This course pledges to aid individuals in developing a prosperous online business via daily instructional videos and tasks. However, it’s crucial to comprehend that e-farming is fundamentally email marketing.

While Kheifets insists that a mere 30-minute daily commitment is sufficient to find success, the program actually demands substantial dedication in terms of time and effort. Plus, the cost of the course might be a financial hurdle for some.

In a nutshell, both the 30-Day Challenge and e-farming as a whole might not provide the expected value. E-farming, while a valid online business model, isn’t particularly innovative. For those hoping to achieve a significant income in a shorter time frame, other business models, such as dropshipping, might be more suitable. Despite requiring a greater input of effort, the potential return from dropshipping could prove far more rewarding.

E-Farming Course Review: What Does It Include?

The Efarming course is wholly taught by Igor Kheifets, taking a video-based approach for learning – which many would argue is better than text-based instruction. In my personal opinion, it definitely is!

As you access the course, Igor welcomes you with a video where he shares his personal journey and success in affiliate marketing. He further guides you through the course structure and what you can anticipate learning.

Igor’s style makes the course seem like a personalized mentorship, setting off a positive tone from the start.

This course is arranged differently than most, focusing on a day-by-day learning structure rather than conventional modules. You’ll find a set of videos to be completed each day, spread across a 30-day timeframe. Each day incorporates about 2-3 videos, with the maximum being five.

You’re not bound by any deadline here, giving you the flexibility to work at your own pace. I found that tackling three days’ worth of content at a time worked best for me.

Here is a brief summary of the course content: Introduction to E-Farming and Affiliate Marketing

You’ll understand the nuances of affiliate marketing and eFarming, learning why most affiliate marketers do not succeed and how eFarmers manage to excel. The Technical Part

Here you’ll learn how to:

Finding Promotable Offers

Igor guides you on how to discover offers on platforms like JVZoo and Clickbank, with a primary focus on digital products. Sorry, if you’re interested in marketing physical goods, this course might not be for you! Setting Up Click Tracking Software

To track your sales, clicks, opens, etc, you’ll need tracking software. Igor guides you step-by-step on setting this up.

Despite numerous steps, he simplifies it, making it beginner-friendly. Configuring Your Autoresponder

On the sixth day, you’ll explore autoresponders. This tool is your money-making machine, running on autopilot to send out targeted emails to your list.

Don’t worry, you’ll also learn how to create that list. Creating Your Landing Pages

One of the appealing aspects of eFarming is that you don’t need to build a website. You’ll require a domain for your landing pages, though.

Landing pages essentially act as your sales page, and this course will train you on how to set one up from scratch. And don’t stress, there’s no technical know-how required. It’s all about drag and drop – no coding involved! Earning Money – Sending Emails

What stands out is that Igor provides precise guidance on what you should include in your emails. You just have to make minor tweaks for it to make sense.

You’ll gain insights into the exact selling copy, how to frame it, and why it works. Attracting People to Your Offers

You’ll learn a unique method different from the ones other courses teach. This is not about SEO or pay-per-click advertising.

Instead, you’ll be utilizing Solo ads. Simply put, you’ll get other individuals with large, targeted email lists in a specific niche to send out emails containing your offer.

Igor walks you through the whole process and provides suggestions on selecting solo ad vendors and how to avail them cheaply.

Not every aspect of the course is covered in this review due to length constraints. This is just a snapshot of what the course offers. Is It Possible to Make Money with the E-Farming System Course?

If you’ve watched the e-farming video, you’ll see that Igor presents ample evidence of not only his own but also his students’ financial success through eFarming.

Can you replicate this success? Igor suggests that earning $1000 in your first month is feasible, but it largely depends on you. If you invest wisely in Solo ads, select the right ones (you’ll learn to weed out the ineffective ones), choose the right offers and create high-converting landing pages, you might even surpass that goal.

However, this isn’t a guaranteed outcome. Not even Igor can assure that. While it’s certainly a promising possibility, it’s also speculative.

Your success is fundamentally tied to the effort and dedication you invest into the business. As with all aspects of life, there are no shortcuts to success, only commitment and hard work will yield results. What Additional Investment is Required Beyond the Course?

In addition to the E-Farming and the 301K Challenge course, you will require:

An autoresponder – This tool, which collects and sends emails automatically, is crucial. I personally use GetResponse, a fantastic program starting at just $15.58 a month. A 30-day free trial is offered. A page builder – Igor recommends Leadpages. It’s more affordable than Clickfunnels, costing only $37 a month. It allows you to build unlimited landing pages. A 14-day free trial is also provided. However, if you opt for GetResponse, they provide free landing page templates, so you can save money here.

One advantage is that GetResponse, if used as your autoresponder, is free for the first 30 days. So, you can potentially generate a substantial email list before any payment is required.

With the page builder, LeadPages offers a 14-day free trial. So, there’s no upfront cost when you begin to implement the business. And as mentioned earlier, GetResponse offers free unlimited landing page templates, which can save you further costs.

Therefore, the only immediate expense beyond the course is likely to be for the Solo ads, but you have complete discretion over how much you choose to spend. It’s a much cheaper alternative than Facebook ads, that’s for sure! Commence Your E-Farming Venture.

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