Earnings Unveiled: How Much Does an Instagram Model Make

how much does an instagram model make
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Have you ever wondered how much those stunning Instagram models actually make? It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of their perfectly curated feeds, but what lies beneath the surface? As a seasoned journalist, I dove deep into the world of Instagram modeling to bring you the inside scoop on their earnings.

Let me tell you a story about Emily, an aspiring Instagram model with a passion for fashion. With her impeccable sense of style and innate ability to strike the perfect pose, she attracted a modest following on the platform. Emily started small, with just a few hundred followers who admired her unique fashion sense and coveted her wardrobe.

As Emily’s following grew, so did her opportunities. She caught the eye of fashion brands and soon found herself receiving offers to collaborate on sponsored posts. These partnerships allowed her to showcase her favorite pieces from various brands, all while earning a handsome paycheck.

Emily’s journey didn’t stop there. With her growing influence, she began offering styling services to her followers, sharing her expert advice on creating the perfect outfit for any occasion. The demand for her expertise skyrocketed, and soon she was charging premium prices for personal styling sessions.

Now, you might be wondering just how much Emily made from all of these endeavors. Well, it’s time to unveil the numbers. Drumroll, please…

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram models can earn a significant income depending on factors such as their number of followers and field of expertise.
  • Micro-influencers with smaller followings still have the potential to make substantial money.
  • Sponsored posts, product sales, and services offered are common ways for influencers to monetize their Instagram accounts.
  • The average monthly income for Instagram influencers is around $2,970.
  • Only 48.5% of influencers surveyed reported making money from their Instagram accounts.

Factors Influencing Instagram Model Income

The income of an Instagram model is influenced by several factors. To understand how to make money as an Instagram model and maximize earning potential, it is essential to consider these key factors:

1. Number of Followers

The number of followers an Instagram model has plays a significant role in determining their income. Generally, accounts with a higher number of followers tend to earn more compared to those with a smaller following. While accounts between 1,000 and 10,000 followers may still generate income, influencers with 500,000 to one million followers typically command higher rates and have access to more lucrative opportunities.

2. Field of Expertise

The field in which an Instagram model specializes also impacts their income. Certain niches, such as beauty, fashion, or fitness, tend to be more profitable compared to others. Influencers who establish themselves as experts in these areas often earn higher rates and attract more brand collaborations. For example, renowned beauty influencers can charge premium prices for sponsored posts, product endorsements, and brand partnerships.

3. Income Sources

Various income sources contribute to an Instagram model’s overall compensation. The primary source of income for influencers is brand promotion. This involves partnering with brands to promote their products or services through sponsored posts. Influencers may receive a fixed fee or negotiate rates based on factors like campaign duration, deliverables, and their reach and engagement metrics.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with renowned brands in the beauty industry, and their sponsored campaigns have been a major source of income. By aligning myself with reputable brands and creating authentic content, I’ve been able to generate a steady stream of income as an Instagram model.”

Affiliate programs are another income source for Instagram models. By including affiliate links in their posts, influencers can earn a commission for each sale made through their unique tracking links. Additionally, custom content creation on platforms like TikTok has opened up new monetization opportunities for influencers, allowing them to earn income by creating engaging videos for brand partnerships and collaborations.

Instagram Model Income Across Different Platforms

While Instagram remains the most popular platform for influencer marketing, influencers can also earn money on other platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. The income of Instagram models on these platforms varies depending on the number of followers and the type of influencer.

Micro-influencers on Instagram with 10,000 to 100,000 followers can earn around $200 to $300 per post. This range is influenced by factors such as engagement rate and niche market. Meanwhile, mid-tier influencers on YouTube with 10,000 to 100,000 subscribers can earn between $1,000 and $10,000 per video. The earnings on YouTube are primarily influenced by video views, engagement, and endorsements.

It is important to highlight that TikTok offers an additional income opportunity for influencers through its creator’s fund. This program allows influencers to earn money based on the number of views their videos receive. TikTok’s creator’s fund rewards influencers for their content’s popularity and engagement, providing another avenue for income generation.

As an influencer, diversifying your presence across different platforms not only expands your reach but also opens up new income streams. While Instagram may have a larger audience, don’t underestimate the earning potential of other platforms.

Comparative Income Overview:

PlatformFollower RangeAverage Earnings
Instagram10,000 – 100,000 followers$200 – $300 per post
YouTube10,000 – 100,000 subscribers$1,000 – $10,000 per video
TikTokVariousEarnings based on video views

While these figures provide a general overview, it’s crucial to keep in mind that each influencer’s earning potential can significantly vary based on their content quality, engagement, brand collaborations, and the overall success of their marketing strategies.

How Influencers Make Money on Instagram

Influencers have found various ways to monetize their presence on Instagram and turn their passion into a profitable business. Here are some of the most common strategies influencers use to make money:

  1. Sponsored Posts: Influencers collaborate with brands to create sponsored content, promoting products or services in exchange for a fee. These posts can range from subtle product placements to more overt endorsements, depending on the influencer’s personal style and audience.
  2. Product Sales: Many influencers create and sell their own products directly through the Instagram platform. These can include physical products like merchandise or digital products such as e-books or online courses. Selling their own products allows influencers to have more control over their earnings and build a loyal customer base.
  3. Services Offered: Some influencers leverage their expertise and offer services like consulting, coaching, or personalized experiences. For example, a fitness influencer may provide one-on-one training sessions or a fashion influencer may offer personal styling services. These services allow influencers to connect more closely with their audience and provide value beyond sponsored posts.
  4. Ad Revenue Sharing: Instagram has introduced the option for influencers to earn money through ad revenue sharing. This means that influencers can earn a portion of the revenue generated from ads displayed on their content. Ad revenue sharing is often available to influencers with a large following and high engagement rates.
  5. Affiliate Marketing: Influencers can earn a commission by promoting affiliate products. They receive a unique affiliate link, and when their followers make a purchase using that link, the influencer gets a percentage of the sale. Affiliate marketing is a popular way for influencers to earn passive income.

Successful influencers usually employ a combination of these strategies to maximize their earnings and provide value to their audience. The specific monetization options used by influencers depend on their niche, audience demographics, and personal brand. By diversifying their income streams, influencers can create a sustainable and profitable business on Instagram.


Instagram models have the potential to earn a significant income from their accounts. Based on the research conducted by HypeAuditor, the average monthly income for influencers is approximately $2,970. However, it is crucial to note that this figure can vary greatly depending on various factors, including the number of followers an influencer has and their niche in the industry.

Even micro-influencers with smaller followings can still make a substantial income. Those with 1,000 to 10,000 followers earn an average of $1,420 per month. On the other hand, mega-influencers who boast millions of followers have the potential to earn even more, with some earning as much as $15,356 per month.

When it comes to estimating their earnings, influencers should consider not only their follower count but also other essential factors like their field of expertise, engagement rates, and the demographics of their audience. By understanding these factors, influencers can make informed decisions regarding partnerships and collaborations that align with their values and target audience.

It is undeniable that the world of Instagram modeling offers a remarkable earning potential. However, to succeed, influencers must continually adapt, refine their content strategies, and engage with their audience. By doing so, they can build a strong personal brand that attracts both brands and followers, ensuring a steady stream of income in the competitive landscape of influencer marketing.


How much does an Instagram model make?

The average monthly income of Instagram influencers is around ,970, according to a survey conducted by HypeAuditor. However, this income varies depending on factors such as the number of followers and the influencer’s field of expertise.

What factors influence an Instagram model’s income?

The number of followers an Instagram model has and their field of expertise play a significant role in their income. Additionally, the type of content they create and the engagement they receive from their followers can also impact their earning potential.

Can Instagram models earn money on other platforms?

Yes, Instagram models can also earn money on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. The average income on these platforms varies depending on the number of followers or subscribers and the type of content the influencer creates.

How do influencers make money on Instagram?

Influencers can make money on Instagram through sponsored posts, selling their own products or services, ad revenue sharing, and subscriptions. The specific income sources utilized by influencers depend on their niche, audience, and personal brand.

What is the average monthly income of an Instagram model?

The average monthly income for Instagram models is around ,970, according to a survey conducted by HypeAuditor. However, this can vary depending on factors such as the number of followers and the influencer’s niche.

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