Cash n Ads 4 Me & MLM Recruit are two of my favorite programs. Why? The instant payments directly to me. And since the payments are instant and affordable ( either $25 or $15 dollars ) they are easy to sell.


Not only that but they are very useful programs to use. For instance MLM Recruit gives you free leads for a lifetime. They give you a 100 leads at a time. Anyway these are the type of MLM leads that convert. Yeah I know some people don’t want to pick up the phone and call anyone so do what I do which is just to email them.

Cash n Ads 4 me is great as well. Because you get access to three ads sites which you can send your marketing messages. And not only that but you get upgraded gold memberships on all three sites which will allow you to send solo ads among other perks.


Check them out:

Cash n Ads 4 Me

MLM Recruit

Anyway if you have any questions about either shoot me an email at

P.S. – I know some people have asked about paypal payment option. On the site I only have cash app, bitcoin payment options. But if you prefer to pay via paypal or litecoin just shoot me an email..