Your Guide to AI Business Growth

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#1 – Push Button AI

Easily and by far the best tool on the list. The reason why is it’s not just one tool. It’s like 7 or 8 tools combined into one. Often we use the term push button but 99.99% of the time it isn’t the case. Well this is that .1% because this is truly 100% push button. The way it works is you give it a keyword or topic and it will build you a complete online business in about 20 minutes using AI. It really is amazing. It will build a complete website for. Write all the content, create a product for you in the form of a video course. It will setup a 30 day email follow campaign will leads for you. It will suggest a domain name for you, register it, setup your hosting and autoresponder. It’s completely hands off from your standpoint.

Now you do have the options to go in and edit the website, video course or follow up emails if you like. Not only that with this system you aren’t just given a username/password then you are on your own. You are assigned a coach and given regular training to help get your business of the ground. Your coach won’t be just any ole body either. The guy who create this system/tool has made over $100 million dollars online. And he has a team of top notch coaches and support people if you wrong into any issues.

Now I’m not going to lie to you and say if you buy this you will get rich overnight. Nothing works like that. Your main job will be to promote your business. By the way they give you a 13 module course on driving traffic to your business. You other big job will be determining what type of business you want to do. Here is a pro tip. Since with this automated system you can spin up an unlimited amount of these businesses it allows you to test a bunch of different business and product ideas VERY QUICKLY until you you find something that works. Being able to test a bunch of different products and ideas until you found the winning one has always been the secret to those that made it big in business.

The problem is until now testing a bunch of different products and business ideas has been very hard, time consuming and very expensive. I mean to setup one of these very professional online business would of taken you at least 6 months and thousands of dollars. And that’s just for one business. With Push Button AI once you made your initial investment you can test an unlimited amount of products and ideas in days not months and without doing of the tedious work like building a website and creating a product like a video course, not to mention there will be no cost. Pretty amazing right? It’s a groundbreaking technology that’s taking AI/chatgpt to the next level. Instead of you trying to create bits and pieces and trying to put it all together Push Button AI using the best tools in all areas and build the whole thing for you in a matter of minutes.


Now the only drawback of this tool is as you probably guesses something this revolutionary isn’t cheap. You are going to be looking at about spending $1500 on it. If you can’t afford that or don’t need a complete business built for you I understand that. There are a few more tools I use where each one can do apart of what Push Button AI does. And we will be talking about those below.

2) AI Publisher Pro

This is a nice tool. Especially for those on a budget because it’s cheap. Only $17 but it’s still good. You give it a keyword or topic and it will create a report for you. And while pdf reports won’t sale as well as the video courses Push Button AI creates it still allow you to have a product if you need something to sale. And unlike with Chatgpt you don’t need to worry about prompts, API keys and stuff like that. They also provide you some guidance on how to market your reports.

So while not a complete business or solution, you still have to build your website, write and create content for it, write your follow up emails and do all the technical stuff like setting up hosting and autoresponders for the very cheap price this is a very good product.


3) AI Super Bundle

This is a nice course. It’s shows you how to create professional AI videos, whiteboard explainers, AI images among other things. Keep in mind though you will still have to do the work yourself and some of these cases you will need additional tools and software which cost money. But if you want to learn how to do a lot of this stuff yourself I highly recommend this.


4) Speechelo

Simply put this is one of the best text to speech software out there. You can instantly transform any text into a 100% human sounding voice over with only 3 clicks!

Click here to learn more about it.

5) Suno

If you do anything with music you should check out Suno. is a free new AI tool that can make surprisingly good high quality original songs – complete with both instrumentals and vocals. It works like most generative AI tools in that it uses a text prompt to get its product.

Within Suno, there are two main models you can use to generate music:
Bark – For creating vocals and lyrical performances.
Chirp – For instrumentals and background tracks.

To use this tool, just access their Discord server and use the /chirp command to get going. Then, you’re given a prompt where you’re going to enter the lyrics you want the song centered around.